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OJJDP FY 18 Gang Suppression: A Law Enforcement and Prosecutorial Approach to Address Gang Recruitment of Unaccompanied Alien Children

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The primary purposes of the OJJDP FY18 Gang and Youth Prevention Partnerships project are the reduction of violent youth crime, gun and gang violence and victimization in communities and to increase public safety in coordination with law enforcement and local partners. Through comprehensive strategic planning, communities develop and implement specific plans to reduce community violence by taking collective action. These goals will be achieved through the provision of direct funding to localities with high rates of youth violence and prevalence of gangs, and provision of technical assistance to aid localities in their planning and implementation of effective prevention, intervention and enforcement/focused deterrence approaches to youth violence and victimization in collaboration with law enforcement. The solicitation will cover three categories: Category 1 Program Planning; Category 2 Implementation; and Category 3 Training and Technical Assistance

Category 1: Planning Sites - Support local law enforcement-focused collaborative planning process to develop comprehensive public safety action plans aimed to reduce youth gun and gang violence. The communities that apply under this category would be identified as high crime but low capacity. The communities selected would take part in an intensive collaborative process with law enforcement, local leaders and other identified community stakeholders with supportive TTA resources from OJJDP.
Category 2: Implementation- A targeted implementation effort for high crime and high-capacity localities to enact proposed law enforcement-focused cross-sector, community- based approaches to youth gun and gang violence through a range of prevention; intervention and enforcement strategies. The communities selected would submit to OJJDP for review and approval, comprehensive plans that are ready for implementation.
Category 3: Training and Technical Assistance - Training and Technical Assistance to support current localities funded through OJJDP' youth violence appropriations and new localities funded through the proposed FY 18 solicitation Categories 1 (planning) and 2 (implementation) to enhance and assist their youth gun and gang violence prevention and reduction efforts. (Also listed below under Training and Technical Assistance.)


Number of Awards: 4
Total Amount Awarded: $4,800,000

Date Created: June 28, 2018