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OJJDP FY 15 Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force Invited

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The goals and objectives of the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force are to: maintaining and expanding state and regional ICAC task forces to prevent, interdict, investigate, and prosecute Internet crimes against children and technology-facilitated child exploitation; and improving task force effectiveness to prevent, interdict, investigate, and prosecute Internet crimes against children technology-facilitated child exploitation. As stipulated in Section 104 of the PROTECT Act, applicants must address the following functions: • working consistently to achieve the purposes described in Section 103 of the PROTECT Act. • engaging in proactive investigations, forensic examinations, and effective prosecutions of Internet crimes against children. • providing forensic, preventive, and investigative assistance to parents, educators, prosecutors, law enforcement, and others concerned with Internet crimes against children. • developing multijurisdictional, multiagency partnerships and responses to Internet crimes against children offenses through ongoing informational, administrative, and technological support to other state and local law enforcement agencies so that they can acquire the knowledge, personnel, and specialized equipment to investigate and prosecute such offenses. • participating in nationally coordinated investigations that the Attorney General determines are necessary, as available resources permit. • establishing, adopting, and complying with investigative and prosecution standards, consistent with established norms. • investigating tips related to Internet crimes against children, as appropriate, including tips from the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children's CyberTipline, other ICAC task forces, and other federal, state, and local agencies. Task forces should give priority to investigative leads that hold out the possibility of identifying or rescuing child victims or leads that point to a serious offense or danger to the community. • developing procedures for handling seized evidence. • maintaining reports and records as the Attorney General requires. • complying with national standards regarding the investigation and prosecution of Internet crimes against children, as the Attorney General sets them forth, to the extent they are consistent with the law of the state where the task force is located.


Number of Awards: 29
Total Amount Awarded: $11,005,330


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Date Created: June 17, 2015