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OJJDP FY 15 Juvenile Justice Model Data Project

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This project will identify critical information requirements across the juvenile justice system (e.g., victimization, community wellness, law enforcement, diversion, detention, indigent defense, prosecution, adjudication, transfer to criminal court, corrections, reentry, and recidivism). It will develop model data elements with recommended definitions and coding categories that administrative data systems and other juvenile justice-related data collection efforts (e.g., community surveys) can adopt. The award recipient will also develop model measures and analyses with broad and practical applications for state, local, and Tribal efforts to monitor trends and assess the efficiency and effectiveness of their systems. That is, for each data area, the project will provide examples of how state and local juvenile justice agencies should use these data to serve their information needs (e.g., standard system indicators, problem identification, program monitoring and assessment, and assessing the effects of system changes). The proposed approach should identify the key data elements and uses of data that will inform jurisdictions' progress in achieving juvenile justice system reform. Research will support the data elements, measures, and analyses developed, and examples of successful implementation in jurisdictions across the country will inform this effort. A significant component of the proposed work will involve engaging stakeholders and developing a comprehensive strategy to disseminate and promote the model measures using innovative technology and communications mechanisms. These activities will assist OJJDP in fulfilling its responsibility to improve the consistency and quality of justice information and to inform data-driven policy and practice decisions at the federal, state, and local levels.

Date Created: April 29, 2015