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Awards: List of Funded Projects

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Find Fiscal Year 2020 Awards

The data presented on this page is updated through September 23, 2020. On October 15, 2020 the Office of Justice Programs (OJP) will transition to the Justice Grants System (JustGrants) for all grants management activities. Until that time, the awards list below will not be updated.

To find the latest information on 2020 awards, visit OJP's award search page.

OJJDP's grant awards support state and community efforts to develop effective prevention and intervention programs and to improve the juvenile justice system. Find details for funding awards from OJJDP below.

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Showing Results For:
State: OR,
City: Portland

Number of Awards: 36
Total Amount Awarded: $23,499,848

Funded Awards
FY Sort ascending Title Original Solicitation Recipient State Award Number Amount Status
2019 Friends of the Children Two Gen Approach to Youth Substance Abuse Prevention Project OJJDP FY 19 Mentoring Opportunities for Youth Initiative Friends of the Children OR 2019-JU-FX-0011 $2,000,000 Open
2018 Friends of the Children Prevention Project OJJDP FY 18 Mentoring Opportunities for Youth Initiative Friends of the Children OR 2018-JU-FX-0014 $2,000,000 Open
2017 Multnomah County Juvenile Custody Services Emergency Planning OJJDP FY 17 Juvenile Justice Emergency Planning Demonstration Program Multnomah, County of OR 2017-EJ-FX-0001 $379,823 Open
2016 OJJDP FY 2016 National Girls Initiative OJJDP FY 16 National Girls Initiative The National Florence Crittenton Mission OR 2016-GJ-FX-K001 $750,000 Open
2016 Salaried, Professional Mentoring for High Risk Youth Category 1: National Mentoring Friends of the Children OR 2016-JU-FX-0026 $2,000,000 Open
2016 Strong Together: Young Moms & Their Kids OJJDP FY 16 Second Chance Act Strengthening Relationships Between Young Fathers, Young Mothers, and Their Children Pathfinders of Oregon OR 2017-IG-BX-0011 $342,857 Open
2016 The Multnomah County Safe and Thriving Communities project will create a holistic and local approach to violence prevention by aligning existing programs and infusing them with community voice. OJJDP FY 16 Safe and Thriving Communities: Uniting Community Based Violence Prevention, Defending Childhood and National Forum Approaches to Prevent and Heal Violence Multnomah County Department of County Human Services OR 2016-MU-MU-K002 $500,000 Closed
2015 Adelante Transition Program OJJDP FY 15 Second Chance Act Supporting Latino/a Youth from Out-of-Home Placement Volunteers of America Oregon, Inc. OR 2015-CZ-BX-0019 $483,333 Closed
2015 Salaried, Professional Mentors for Foster Youth OJJDP FY 15 Mentoring for Youth: Underserved Populations: Category 1: Youth with disabilities Friends of the Children OR 2015-JU-FX-0005 $500,000 Closed
2015 Successful Fathers, Successful Families: Mentoring Young Fathers OJJDP FY 15 Second Chance Act Strengthening Relationships Between Young Fathers and Their Children: A Reentry Mentoring Project Pathfinders of Oregon OR 2015-IG-BX-0002 $420,000 Closed
2014 A multi-jurisdictional effort to build on the region''s OJJDP assessment to create a strategic plan and implementation strategies reflective of local needs and aligned with national best practices. OJJDP FY 14 Comprehensive Antigang Strategies and Programs Multnomah, County of OR 2014-JV-FX-K003 $203,478 Closed
2013 Extending a randomized trial of mentoring for youth in foster care: Evaluating intervention components, differential risk, and long-term effects on delinquency OJJDP FY 13 Mentoring Best Practices Research: Category 1: Secondary Data Analysis and Long-Term Follow-up Portland State University OR 2013-JU-FX-0001 $299,654 Closed
2013 Gang Resistance Education and Training program to provide professional service while building positive relationships among and with the G.R.E.A.T. officers in the West Region. OJJDP FY 13 Juvenile Justice System Improvement Division Invited Awards City of Portland OR 2013-JV-FX-0072 $325,000 Closed
2012 Defending Childhood Initiative-Phase 3 OJJDP FY 12 Child Protection Continuations Multnomah County Oregon OR 2012-CV-BX-K055 $1,000,000 Closed
2012 Prediction and prevention of premature closures of mentoring relationships: A prospective study of participants, processes, and program practices OJJDP FY 12 Mentoring Best Practices Research Portland State University OR 2012-MU-FX-0001 $499,894 Closed
2012 Reclaiming Futures - Federal Sites OJJDP FY 12 Demonstration Programs Continuation Portland State University OR 2012-DC-BX-0128 $1,400,000 Closed
2011 Defending Childhood Strategic Plan Implementation OJJDP FY 11 Attorney General's Children Exposed to Violence Demonstration Program: Phase 2 Multnomah County Oregon OR 2011-JW-FX-K059 $500,000 Closed
2011 Preventing Delinquency in American Indian/Alaska Native Youth OJJDP FY 11 Tribal Youth Field Initiated Research and Evaluation Programs National Indian Child Welfare Association OR 2011-TY-FX-0103 $500,000 Closed
2010 Gang Resistance Education and Training Program OJJDP FY 10 Demonstration Programs Division Grants City of Portland OR 2010-JV-FX-K003 $310,000 Closed
2010 Multnomah County Children Exposed to Violence Project OJJDP FY 10 Attorney General's Children Exposed to Violence Demonstration Program: Phase I Multnomah County Oregon OR 2010-MU-MU-K002 $159,349 Closed
2010 Rx for Saving Oregon Teens OJJDP FY 10 Byrne Congressionally Mandated Earmark Programs The Oregon Partnership, Inc. OR 2010-DD-BX-0012 $470,000 Closed
2010 Second Chance Mentoring Project is an innovative cross-system collaboration between Big Brothers Big Sisters CNW and the Oregon Youth Authority to provide youth offenders with mentoring services. OJJDP FY 10 Second Chance Act Juvenile Mentoring Initiative Big Brothers Big Sisters Columbia Northwest OR 2010-JU-FX-0018 $624,824 Closed
2009 Big Brothers Big Sisters Columbia Northwest Mentoring Expansion Project OJJDP FY 09 Recovery Act Local Youth Mentoring Initiative Big Brothers Big Sisters Columbia Northwest OR 2009-SC-B9-0010 $500,000 Closed
2009 Big Brothers Big Sisters Columbia Northwest's Fostering Hope Program OJJDP FY 09 Mentoring Initiatives for Foster Care Youth Big Brothers Big Sisters Columbia Northwest OR 2009-JU-FX-0020 $453,935 Closed
2009 Improving Community Response to CSEC in Multnomah County, Oregon OJJDP FY 09 Improving Community Response to the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children Multnomah County OR 2009-MC-CX-K057 $500,000 Closed