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Youth Justice Action Month Toolkit

October 2023
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Youth Justice Action Month

 OJJDP has compiled a toolkit to raise awareness about Youth Justice Action Month 2023. Help us bring attention to youth justice issues, reform, and improving the lives of justice-involved youth! 

The theme "Justice Is ____"  aims to create a new vision of justice, equity, and opportunity for youth affected by the justice system. The theme invites us to center the voices of impacted youth, families and allies as we reimagine new possibilities for systems of support, healing and restorative justice. 

As you create your YJAM 2023 content, we invite you to think about your vision of justice. Use our YJAM sample content below or simply share a post with your vision of true youth justice. Join us in raising awareness on behalf of young people impacted by the justice system.

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 October 3, 2023 - 2023 Youth Justice Action Month Kickoff Webinar - Administrator Ryan and other presenters highlighted Youth Justice Action Month (YJAM), discussed the recently released YJAM toolkit, and provided overviews of Coalition for Juvenile Justice's Emerging Leaders Committee.
 Watch the Webinar Recording

 October 12, 2023 Justice is Ours: Youth Justice Movement Across the Country! - The National Juvenile Justice Network and the Coalition for Juvenile Justice hosted a virtual discussion to hear movement leaders speak about the actions, campaigns and strategies that are advancing justice for youth and their communities. 

 October 26, 2023 - YJAM Panel Discussion: Centering Impacted Youth and Families - This panel discussion aimed to empower youth and families to raise their voices on how to improve the juvenile justice system by sharing their experiences and how they were affected. Speakers also recommended ways to effectively communicate and collaborate with policymakers, prosecutors, law enforcement agencies, and other relevant stakeholders.  This is an in-person, invite only event. 
Watch the Webinar Recording

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Date Created: September 25, 2023