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Youth Justice Action Month: Creating Brighter Futures for Our Nation's Youth

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Event Dates
OJJDP Youth Justice Action Month Webinar, October 3, 2022

Each October, the country recognizes Youth Justice Action Month, a time to reflect on the nation's response to youth impacted by the justice system.

Join the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP), the Coalition for Juvenile Justice (CJJ), and the National Juvenile Justice Network (NJJN) to learn more about the history of Youth Justice Action Month and actions we can each take during October and beyond to create brighter futures for the nation's youth.


  • Elizabeth Ryan, Administrator, OJJDP
  • Valerie Slater, Vice Chair, NJJN Board of Directors
  • Douglas Johnson, Youth
  • Tracey Wells-Huggins, Advocate
  • Isidro Marino, Kansas State Advisory Group (Youth)

Date Created: September 13, 2022