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Wellness Program Implementation Series (Part 6): Components of a Wellness Program: Assessment

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You have recognized your people need help and want to implement a successful wellness program to address the challenges they face at work, now what? In this six-part series, we will discuss the steps needed to understand what a wellness program incorporates, how to identify the necessary components (such as funding, support from higher-up and providers, etc.), how to choose the best option for your team, as well as, how to implement your chosen program and assess its success.

Parts of the series will focus on specific programs such as embedding a mental health professional, chaplaincy and peer support programs to give you a step-by-step guide to success. Join us for this webinar series focused on building a wellness program tailored to your people and agency to help mitigate the negative effects the work might have on them and how to better support the mental health and wellness of your team.

Note: This event will be recorded and may be posted to OJJDP’s Multimedia webpage and to the NTTAC and OJJDP YouTube channels. Attendee names and affiliations will not be displayed if posted.

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Date Created: February 25, 2021