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Post-Traumatic Growth

Shielding Your Well-Being: Post-Traumatic Growth Webinar Series
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This webinar series "Shielding Your Well-Being: Post-Traumatic Growth", hosted by the Innocent Justice Foundation, will examine transformational meaning and its role in trauma recovery and post-traumatic growth. Professionals working in the child sexual exploitation fields are more likely to be exposed to conduct, material, and circumstances that can lead to chronic stress.

Individuals can be personally affected by the trauma of victims and others they witness and work with daily, which can impact them professionally and personally. This type of impact is often considered a "soul wound." It can lead to a shattering of one's worldview, belief, trust in others, and potentially, trust in oneself.

This presentation will discuss post-traumatic growth and transformational meaning and identify tools and techniques to mitigate the adverse effects on individuals in the workplace and personal lives.

Webinars in this series: 

Date Created: August 15, 2023