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National Missing Children's Day Winning State Posters

2021 National Missing Children's Day State Poster Contest Winners 

The National Missing Children’s Day Poster Contest is a nationwide contest designed to promote awareness among teachers, parents/guardians and children and engage them in discussions about safety. OJJDP invites 5th graders from across the United States to submit artwork that represents the theme “Bringing Our Missing Children Home”.

Posters are sent to state contest managers for local judging. Each winning state poster is submitted for entry into the national contest. The national contest winner’s artwork will inspire the logo design for the following year's event.  The 2021 National Missing Children's Day poster contest winner is Heidy Jimena Perez Veleta.  View the gallery of winning state submissions.

Alabama - This poster shows a missing child poster that has been marked found.


Arizona - This poster shows two homes - an unhappy home and a happy home with child.


California - This poster shows a man casting a dark shadow and a girl trying to reach a lollipop.


Colorado - This poster shows a family in silhouette in heart-shaped hands.


Connecticut - This photo shows a parent and child standing in front of a row of homes.


Florida - This poster shows a girl and two trees.


Hawaii - This poster says Everyone can do their part and shows a boy and girl wearing face masks.


Indiana - This poster shows a boy and girl reaching out for a heart between them.


Kansas - This poster shows two heart-shaped hands holding a child in a home.


Louisiana - This poster shows AMBER Alerts on a mobile device.


Maryland - This poster shows a fish trying to bring other fish home.


Michigan - This poster shows a child returning home to a parent.


Missouri - This poster shows a family in a grassy field with sunshine.


Montana - This photo shows 3 homes with families of missing children.


Nebraska - This poster shows a map with people who are connected inside a heart and other people in  picture frames.


New Jersey - This poster shows a tearful parent and child reuniting.

New Jersey

New York

Nevada - This poster shows an eagle flying over earth bringing missing children home.


Ohio - This poster shows a rainbow is missing pieces and says help fill in the rainbow.


Oklahoma - This poster shows a puzzle of a close family.


Oregon - This poster says Build Kids a Safe Structure and shows shows children in a safe place.


South Carolina - This poster shows a home where a family is missing their child.

South Carolina

Texas - This poster shows a mother missing her child.


Utah - This poster shows an empty swing set with the shadow of a missing child.


Washington - This poster shows the earth and people asking for help to bring their missing children home.


West Virginia - This poster shows a candle with a ribbon of hope for the missing child.

West Virginia

Wyoming - This poster shows a child needing help to return home.