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Improving Youth Interactions Through Fair and Impartial Justice

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This two-day course focuses on understanding the history of disproportionality and disparity and its impact today, relevant alternatives, cultural competencies, youth development, the effect of trauma on youth and the role of the justice system and the community in improving youth-justice interactions.

Upon completion of this training, you will be able to:

  • Assess historical contributors that impact the justice system
  • Distinguish the components of disproportionate minority contact, racial and ethnic disparity, and implicit bias and the impact of each on the justice system
  • Identify strategies to reduce disparities
  • Understand conscious and unconscious bias
  • Recount risk factors that align with delinquent behavior
  • Recognize the role and impact of traumatic events on youth development
  • Identify de-escalation techniques and strategies to address fair and impartial justice
  • Illustrate promising practices for diversion and community-based alternatives
  • Understand the role of the justice system and community in strengthening relationships and improving youth-justice interactions and outcomes

Date Created: February 28, 2022