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Girls of Color, Sexual Abuse, and Justice-System Involvement

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This webinar, hosted by Justice and Joy National Collaborative, will discuss the pathways that route girls who have been sexually abused into the justice system, the prevalence of abuse among justice-involved girls and other marginalized youth, and growing efforts at the state and federal efforts to protect criminalized survivors. 

Many criminalized girls in the justice system have experienced gender-based violence yet are still being revictimized and punished in direct relation to the abuse without the services and support needed to heal (as discussed in the reports Sexual Abuse to Prison Pipeline: The Girls' Story and Criminalized Survivors: Today's Abuse to Prison Pipeline for Girls). 

Based on findings from abuse-to-prison pipeline studies, this webinar will explore pathways to justice involvement for girls and gender-expansive youth and help practitioners who work with the justice system better understand the underlying needs of criminalized survivors.

Date Created: May 2, 2024