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Coalition for Juvenile Justice Racial and Ethnic Disparities Conference

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Event Dates
Louisville, KY

The theme of the 2022 R/ED Conference is "Removing the Blindfold: Investing in Young People, Communities, and Healing." It will focus on ways that young people, their communities, law enforcement, schools, court officials, advocacy groups, and State Advisory Groups can work together to combat racial and ethnic disparities (R/ED). 

Administrator Ryan is scheduled to speak and Program Manager Didier Moncion is scheduled to present at this year's conference. 

The conference will examine the following issues: 

  • What system changes that need to be be made at the juvenile justice system's front end to reduce R/ED.  
  • How law enforcement, schools, attorneys, the judiciary, community leaders, and legislators can work together to combat the crisis. 
  • Roles that investments in community, young people, and healing play in addressing R/ED.

Some sessions are scheduled to include (View agenda): 

  • Using Data as Your Flashlight: Guiding the Way to Disrupt Racial and
  • Ethnic Disparities and Improve Outcomes
  • Bridging the Gap Between Youth and Law Enforcement
  • A Case Study: How Educating and Building Relationships Between
  • System Decision Makers Reduced Racial and Ethnic Disparities  
  • Utilizing Data to Address Racial and Ethnic Disparities


Date Created: September 26, 2022