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Advanced Forensic Interviewing Training

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Offered by the National Children's Advocacy Center, the Advanced Forensic Interviewing Training is designed to provide practice and instruction in critical thinking skills as they apply to a forensic interview. The interviewer must make critical choices about questions to ask and the direction of the interview in order to gather the information that is forensically sound. They are responsible for balancing the information needed by the multidisciplinary team while also following the direction of the child. Interviews with children with complex communication needs can add an additional challenge to the interview. Forensic Interviewers will learn to utilize critical thinking skills as they prepare for and conduct challenging interviews.

Advanced Forensic Interview Training also provides an opportunity for observation of the participant’s recorded interviews followed by feedback and discussion. Participants are asked to bring recordings of challenging interviews to share with the class. Completion of a recognized forensic interviewing basic training and current forensic interview practice is required. This training is not protocol specific. The training is held online in our interactive virtual training center.

Date Created: July 31, 2020