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OJJDP’s National Training and Technical Assistance Center

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OJJDP’s National Training and Technical Assistance Center (NTTAC) serves as the principal coordinator, broker, and facilitator for all of OJJDP’s TTA resources and services by: 

  • Strategically aligning and connecting OJJDP grantees and practitioners seeking assistance with OJJDP’s TTA providers.
  • Enhancing OJJDP’s efforts to lead and facilitate national juvenile justice improvement and child victimization prevention efforts. 

Provider Organization

Manhattan Strategy Group (MSG)
Contract Order Number: 15PJDP22F00000004


Specific services that OJJDP’s NTTAC provides include: 

  • Ensuring that TTA requests are handled efficiently through the use of OJJDP's TTA360 online TTA request and management system.
  • Maintaining a customer friendly TTA Help Desk accessible by phone and email for professionals and others who are interested in juvenile justice and child victimization issues. Help desk staff locate resources, assist with access to technology platforms, compile guidance documents for TTA professionals and the field, make referrals, and provide other services to meet requesters' needs.
  • Providing sophisticated virtual-learning and information-sharing platforms and technical expertise to support OJJDP and its TTA Provider Network projects in delivering virtual training.
  • Providing ongoing facilitation and support for OJJDP's Preventing Youth Hate Crimes and Identity-Based Bullying Initiative, which focuses on prevention and early intervention for at-risk youth and young hate-crime offenders.


  • Aftercare/Parole/Re-entry
  • Child Protection and Advocacy Professionals
  • Child Welfare Personnel
  • Community Members
  • Compliance Monitors
  • Court Personnel
  • Defenders
  • Detention/Corrections Staff
  • Faith-Based Organizations
  • Families
  • Juvenile Justice Specialists
  • Law Enforcement
  • Mental Health Professionals
  • Mentoring Professionals
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Probation Officers
  • Prosecutors
  • School Personnel
  • Social Services
  • State Advisory Groups
  • Students
  • Substance Abuse Professionals
  • Tribal Community
  • Volunteers
  • Youth
  • Youth Advocates
  • Youth Services Professionals


Juvenile justice, delinquency prevention and child victimization prevention practitioners, TTA providers, researchers, policymakers, and the public. Contact the project to learn more about TTA available from OJJDP’s network of TTA providers, and for information about services available to OJJDP TTA providers.



Webinars including recordings, transcripts, and related resource materials; the OJJDP Training and Technical Assistance Provider Directory; and the OJJDP TTA Core Performance Standards.

Michelle Duhart (Contractor)
Project Director
[email protected]

  • Combating Gangs
  • Preventing Child Abuse, Neglect, and Victimization
  • Reducing Drug Use
  • Reducing Violent Crime
  • Supporting and Protecting Law Enforcement
  • Youth Development

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Date Published: September 30, 2022