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OJJDP Juvenile Justice Emergency Planning Demonstration Program

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To ensure that state and local juvenile justice agencies and all residential treatment, correctional, and detention facilities that house children are adequately prepared for disasters. To support the development, improvement, and/or implementation of emergency planning activities for state, tribal, county and local juvenile justice residential facilities.

Provider Organization

Council of Juvenile Justice Administrators, Inc. (CJJA)

Award Details


To provide technical assistance, content, and resources that align with the guidance found in the OJJDP publication, thus increasing their understanding of the necessary components of an effective emergency disaster plan; and how to conduct a self-assessment of their existing plan and determine gaps and strengths.


  • Detention/Corrections Staff
  • Juvenile Justice Specialists
  • Youth Services Professionals


Juvenile justice administrators.



Trainings, technical assistance, and webinars.

Wendi Davis
Assistant Executive Director
[email protected]

  • Youth Development


Date Created: October 14, 2020