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National AMBER Alert Training and Technical Assistance Program

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The National AMBER Alert Training and Technical Assistance Program provides training and technical assistance support to enhance the national AMBER Alert network; increases and improves law enforcement response to missing, endangered, and abducted children; increases the recovery rate of abducted children; strengthens child alert systems in the nation's northern and southern borders to better protect American children abducted to or through foreign countries; creates greater community capacity in understanding broader issues related to exploitation and abuse of children; continues support of this work in Indian Country while implementing the Ashlynne Mike AMBER Alert in Indian Country Act of 2018; and enhances public participation in the recovery of missing, endangered, and abducted children.

Fox Valley Technical College (FVTC) program activities will include: Eighteen onsite training programs; 18 technical assistance deliveries; five regional training events; two specialized events for U.S. Territories and Alaska; three eLearning courses; eight publications; one national meeting for AMBER Alert Coordinators and Clearinghouse Managers; 20 state-Tribal AMBER plan implementation meetings; one Family Roundtable; one Child Sex Trafficking Survivor Roundtable; three Child Abduction Response Team (CART) Certification assessments; three Child Abduction Response Team (CART) coordinator meetings; three specialized international border events; eight webinars; three AMBER Alert in Indian Country training programs; 15 Tribal community outreach events; and one Native American/Alaskan Native Roundtable.

Provider Organization

National Criminal Justice Training Center (NCJTC) at Fox Valley Technical College (FVTC)
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This project designs, develops, and delivers services including virtual and onsite training programs; AMBER Alert Coordinators and Clearinghouse Managers meetings; self-paced e-learning courses; technical assistance events; regional meetings (encompassing multiple states); state-Tribal AMBER plan implementation meetings in Indian Country; webinars; international/border meetings; family survivor roundtable meetings; CART certification assessments; CART meetings; newsletters and publications; Tribal community outreach events; and a National AMBER Alert and AMBER Alert in Indian Country Symposium.


  • Aftercare/Parole/Re-entry
  • Child Protection and Advocacy Professionals
  • Child Welfare Personnel
  • Community Members
  • Court Personnel
  • Detention/Corrections Staff
  • Faith-Based Organizations
  • Families
  • Juvenile Justice Specialists
  • Law Enforcement
  • Mental Health Professionals
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Probation Officers
  • Prosecutors
  • School Personnel
  • Social Services
  • State Advisory Groups
  • Transportation
  • Tribal Community
  • Volunteers
  • Youth
  • Youth Services Professionals


Law enforcement agencies, child protection professionals, broadcasters, AMBER Alert coordinators, and others concerned with child abduction and victimization. Contact the TTA project for eligibility information.



This project produces TTA programs conducting onsite, and through eLearning initiatives. Training includes over 15 classroom programs, 15 eLearning courses, and the ability to tailor TTA to meet the needs of the requesting agency. Special populations include Tribal, at-risk youth, and border communities. This project also produces several publications on missing and endangered children. Downloadable products can be found at https://www.amberadvocate.org, https://www.amber-ic.org and https://ncjtc.fvtc.edu.

Jill Nysse
[email protected]

  • AMBER Alert Activation Best Practices (AAABP)
  • AMBER in Indian Country - Child Abduction Tabletop Exercise - 4 Hours (AIIC-CATE)
  • Child Abduction Response Team (CART)
  • Child Abduction Tabletop Exercise - 4 Hours (CATE)
  • Initial Response Strategies and Tactics When Responding to Missing Children Incidents (IRST)
  • Investigative Strategies for Child Abduction Cases (ISCAC) Missing and Exploited Children
  • Prosecutors strategies for Child Sex Trafficking and Exploitation Cases (CST-PRO)
  • Response to At Risk Missing and High Risk Endangered Missing Children (HRV)
  • Search and Canvass Operations in Child Abduction Investigations (Canvassing)
  • Telecommunications Best Practices for Missing and Abducted Children (TELMAC) 
  • Trafficking
  • Training for Law Enforcement/Court Personnel
  • Tribal Law Enforcement
  • Unresolved Missing Person Cases in Indian Country (UMP-IC)

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Date Published: October 14, 2020