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Mutual Aid Program Service (MAPS)

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Through a cooperative agreement with the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, CJJA will provide a “Mutual Aid” Program Service (MAPS) available to all CJJA member jurisdictions through a crisis response TTA request for assistance. CJJA will provide crisis and major incident response assistance using CJJA resources, Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), and Associate Members (as needed) to jurisdictions requesting assistance. CJJA will guide and support the agency/facility in stabilizing itself and maintaining juvenile justice best practices throughout the event. Such events could include, but not be limited to, a major disturbance at a facility, a high-profile escape, the death of a staff member or resident in a facility, a work stoppage, a fire, or a natural disaster, or any operational challenges which may place the agency in jeopardy of a Civil Rights of Institutionalized Persons Act (CRIPA) investigations or litigation. The goals of the MAPS program are to assist members with improving overall conditions of quality-of-life issues within facilities, reduce incidents of violence, and improve staff and youth well-being to promote improved long-term outcomes.

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Council of Juvenile Justice Administrators (CJJA) 
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CJJA will maintain a database of SME and Associate members to serve as TTA responders who would be willing and able to go to a specific jurisdiction on short notice to work with the agency’s leadership to do anything from an analysis of the chain of events to rapidly identifying strategies to prevent a repeat of the event or to provide longer-term assistance around CRIPA litigation mitigation strategies. The agency may request and identify other focus areas and tasks they want the MAPS team to address.


Jurisdictions with an immediate need. 

Wendi Davis
Assistant Executive Director
[email protected]

  • Detention and Corrections/Youth in Custody
  • Detention/Corrections Facilities
  • Detention/Corrections Personnel
  • Juvenile Justice System Improvement
  • Non-secure Facilities
  • Planning and Administration

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Date Published: September 15, 2023