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Juvenile Prosecutor Training and Technical Assistance Project

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This project is a national training and technical assistance program designed to enhance the knowledge, skill level, and expertise of the juvenile prosecutors in the United States that balances community safety, offender accountability to victims, and life-skill development for offenders. The goal for this program is to train juvenile prosecutors and their teams on the leading issues in both science and practice. The project provides national, live training for juvenile prosecutors across the county as well as web-based training opportunities.

The project also provides technical assistance in response to individualized requests with the assistance of National District Attorneys Association (NDAA) members and local experts. NDAA will also work with leading juvenile experts on publishing articles and written resources that will improve the knowledge, skill levels, and expertise of juvenile court prosecutors. This will include a National Practice Handbook which will contain the essential components of what every juvenile prosecutor should know about handling these cases.

Provider Organization

National District Attorneys Association (NDAA)

Award Details


  • Provide training opportunities for juvenile prosecutors, support staff, and allied professionals through live 2.5-day trainings and webinars.
  • Respond to individual technical assistance requests regarding trial skills and strategy, expert materials, and research.
  • Develop a Practice Handbook that will include updated Juvenile Justice Standards, Prosecution Policy Positions and Guidelines, and practical materials necessary in delinquency proceedings.


  • Juvenile Justice Specialists
  • Law Enforcement
  • Probation Officers
  • Prosecutors


Juvenile prosecutors and allied professionals to include law enforcement, juvenile probation officers, and victim advocates.



The project will provide live trainings, webinars, and responses to technical assistance requests from juvenile prosecutors and their professional allies. The project will also develop a handbook for juvenile prosecutors with foundational informational on juvenile law and best practices.

Susan Broderick
Program Director
[email protected]

  • Supporting Prosecutors
  • Supporting and Protecting Law Enforcement


Date Created: October 14, 2020