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Juvenile Defender Resource Project

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Pacific Juvenile Defender Center’s (PJDC) Juvenile Defender Resource Project (the Project) is designed to build juvenile defender capacity and strengthen regional juvenile defender resource networks in remote, rural, or under-resourced regions in California.

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Pacific Juvenile Defender Center (PJDC)
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The JDRP is developing a Juvenile Training Ambassadors Program to fortify regional juvenile defense capacity in three remote regions across California by providing a year-long curriculum of assessment and training, strengthening networks among local stakeholders, and establishing partnerships between PJDC and the regional communities. We are providing training and resource materials to help defenders statewide learn how to make a record for appellate challenges including the development of sample motions, writs, and other pleadings.


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To be eligible for training or TA from PJDC's Juvenile Defender Resource Project, one must be a dedicated member of the juvenile defense community, including juvenile defense counsel (public defenders, alternate defenders, panel attorneys, private defenders, and the like), as well as social workers, and juvenile advocates.



The JDRP is updating its Collateral Consequences Handbook and developing a Records-Sealing Toolkit and a Post-Dispositional Advocacy Toolkit. It is developing resources and training materials to advance knowledge regarding foundational issues related to juvenile defense practice in California. 

Eileen Manning-Villar
Grants and Projects Director
[email protected]

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Date Published: October 14, 2020