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National Gang Center

Gangs and Human Trafficking

April 2020
This webinar held on April 29, 2020, focuses on the nature of gang involvement in human trafficking; challenges in investigation and prosecution, along with some potential solutions; and resources available to support law enforcement and prosecution efforts throughout the process.

Intro to the Comprehensive Gang Model | Community Violence Intervention—Addressing Gangs Series

April 2021
This webinar held on April 15, 2021, serves as the first in the "Addressing Gangs" webinar series, which provides participants with an in-depth understanding of the process to implement a comprehensive gang reduction strategy in their community as well as practical guidance and resources.

National Gang Center

The National Gang Center provides best‐practice information, training, strategic tools, and expertise to assist those who are working to prevent youth from joining gangs, intervene with those who are gang involved, and suppress criminal and violent street gang activity.

National Gang Center Newsletter, Fall 2015

Date Published
December 2015
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Technical Assistance, Report (Technical Assistance), Report (Grant Sponsored), Program/Project Description