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Child abuse treatment

Training and Technical Assistance Project To Expand Childrens Advocacy Centers Serving American Indian/Alaska Native Communities

The National Native Children’s Trauma Center (NNCTC) is the National Training and Technical Assistance Center for the Expansion Initiative of Child Advocacy Centers to improve access and services to AI/AN children, families and communities. NNCTC’s singular goal within the Expansion Initiative of Child Advocacy Centers is to increase the capacity of tribal CACs and CACs serving AI/AN youth to effectively investigate, prosecute and intervene in child abuse cases involving AI/AN children and their families.

Midwest Regional Children’s Advocacy Center

The Midwest Regional Children’s Advocacy Center’s (CAC) mission is to improve the community response to child abuse through strategic leadership, collaboration, and capacity building. Midwest Regional CAC’s role is to build capacity by elevating the expertise of child abuse professionals and improving the sustainability of multidisciplinary teams, CACs, and state chapters. Midwest Regional CAC works collaboratively with the other regional CACs, the National Children’s Alliance, and other national and state partners to ensure nonduplicative service delivery.