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Assessing the Impact of a Graduated Response Approach for Youth in the Maryland Juvenile Justice System


Researchers from the University of Maryland, Baltimore are evaluating a graduated response approach implemented by the Maryland Department of Juvenile Services in 2015 for all youth under community supervision in the state.

The Accountability and Incentives Management (AIM) system was designed to promote youth accountability, reduce rates of supervision violations and recidivism, prevent detention and committed placements resulting from supervision violations, and address racial disproportionalities in detention and committed placements. This project will advance understanding about whether graduated response systems, which use a range of sanctions and incentives, can improve outcomes with juvenile offenders.

This project is funded under OJJDP's Assessing the Impact of Juvenile Justice Reforms Program, which supported research and evaluations to investigate whether certain juvenile justice policies and practices produce better outcomes for youth, improve public safety, and/or achieve a greater return on taxpayer investments.

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