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The September/October issue highlights gang violence prevention, a Tribal youth leader, the Bigs in Blue mentoring program, and a new, streamlined system for managing Department of Justice grants.
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Upcoming Events

Please be advised that many agencies and organizations are in the process of rescheduling in-person training and technical assistance events in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Check their websites for updated information.

National Conference on Juvenile Justice: November 8–11, 2020

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Presented by the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges, this virtual conference will share evidence-based practices and cutting-edge research in a range of topic areas, including alternatives to detention, crossover youth, deep-end youth, domestic sex trafficking of minors, racial and ethnic disparities, school pathways to the justice system, and juvenile and family drug courts. Administrator Caren Harp and OJJDP staff will participate in the conference. Registration information is available online.

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Reimagining Policing: Community Trust Begins From Within (Part 2): November 12, 2020

The three-part Reimagining Policing webinar series discusses strategies to develop an inclusive and engaged community police department. Presented by the National Criminal Justice Training Center, the series is designed for police executives and officers, government leaders, and others who are committed to supporting effective community policing strategies. Part 1, held on October 8, covered major historical events and how they have impacted police-community trust. Part 2 discusses how the decisions of a single officer can significantly impact how communities view the policing profession as a whole. Registration information is available online. Part 3: Reimagining Policing: Where Do We go From Here? will be offered on December 9.

Psychology of School Threat Assessments: December 1–2, 2020

Presented by the National Criminal Justice Training Center, this online training examines the psychological and behavioral aspects of threat assessment and management. The training will explore normal versus abnormal child and adolescent behaviors, strategies for identifying red flags, and how threats can be managed along a pathway toward violence to ensure safety. Attendees will learn multidisciplinary threat assessment and management strategies and explore risk and protective factors for youth violence. Registration information is available online.

Forensic Interviewing of Children: December 7–11, 2020

National Children’s Advocacy Center logo

Presented by the National Children’s Advocacy Center (NCAC), this virtual training is designed for professionals with less than 2 years of experience conducting forensic interviews of children, experienced child abuse professionals seeking to sharpen existing skills, and professionals who want to learn about the current NCAC Child Forensic Interview Structure. The course will be held in Huntsville, AL. Registration information is available online.

What Are They Running From? Youth Trauma and Addressing Adverse Childhood Experiences: December 15–18, 2020

Young people who run away from home are often victims of physical, sexual, or emotional abuse. They also may have suffered trauma as a bystander to domestic violence, substance abuse in the home, or the arrest of a parent or guardian. Many of these children abuse substances and are at high risk of human trafficking. Participants in this online training will learn how to identify youth who have run away because of exposure to adverse childhood experiences, develop an individual youth action plan, and implement communitywide protective factors for this at-risk population. The National Criminal Justice Training Center is presenting this training. Registration information is available online.

Child Homicide Investigations: January 23–24, 2021

Offered by the National Criminal Justice Training Center, this training will focus on understanding and building relationships between forensic pathologists, homicide investigators, and prosecutors to successfully investigate and prosecute child homicide cases. Participants will learn about autopsy protocols, forensic essentials, interviewing and interrogation techniques, suspect pool development, and the role of the prosecutor in gaining appropriate convictions. The training will be held in San Diego, CA. Registration information is available online.

The training will also be held February 22–23, 2021, in Pasadena, TX.

Mobile Device Investigations: January 25–27, 2021

Presented by the National Criminal Justice Training Center, this training will discuss current practices for working with different cellular network providers, completing technology-focused search warrants, and analyzing cellular provider call data. The focus will be on the effective application of reported data to investigations and case reporting strategies. The training will be held in Chandler, AZ. Registration information is available online.

Date Created: October 28, 2020