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OJJDP News @ a Glance

The November/December issue highlights fiscal year 2020 awards, a talented youth advocate, OJJDP’s training conference for states, a Tribal recipient of OJJDP technical assistance, and news from the Federal Advisory Committee on Juvenile Justice.
Message from the Administrator
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Upcoming Events

Child Homicide Investigations: January 21–22, 2021

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The National Criminal Justice Training Center will hold this training virtually. It will focus on understanding and building relationships between forensic pathologists, homicide investigators, and prosecutors to successfully investigate and prosecute child homicide cases. The training is designed for prosecutors as well as court system, law enforcement, social work, and victim service professionals. Registration information is available online.

This training will also be held February 22–23 in Pasadena, TX, and May 17–18 virtually.

What Are They Running From? Youth Trauma and Addressing Adverse Childhood Experiences: January 26–29, 2021

Young people who run away from home are often victims of physical, sexual, or emotional abuse. They also may have suffered trauma as a bystander to domestic violence, substance abuse in the home, or the arrest of a parent or guardian. Many of these children abuse substances and are at high risk of human trafficking. Presented by the National Criminal Justice Training Center, this training will discuss how to identify youth who have run away because of exposure to adverse childhood experiences, develop an individual youth action plan, and implement communitywide protective factors for this at-risk population. The training will be held virtually. Registration information is available online.

Virtual National Mentoring Summit: January 27–29, 2021

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The virtual National Mentoring Summit, organized by MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership, will feature online workshops that showcase exemplary program models, collaborations, research, and innovations that have positive implications for strengthening the mentoring field. The summit is the only national convening of youth mentoring professionals, researchers, philanthropic investors, and government and civic leaders aimed at collectively strengthening and expanding quality mentoring relationships for young people across the country. More than 1,300 individuals from 45 states and 10 countries attended last year’s summit. Registration information is available online.

Live Webinar: Session 5: Integrity of Tribal Juvenile Court Process as a Foundation—Adjudication Alternatives: March 5, 2021

This no-cost session will discuss alternatives to adjudication and disposition for eligible youth who are involved in the Tribal court system. Participants will review processes that allow for contemporary rehabilitative and treatment-focused diversion opportunities. Presented by the Tribal Youth Resource Center, this is the final session in the five-part Juvenile Policy and Code Development Virtual Learning Series. The course instructor is the Hon. Patricia Sekaquaptewa (Hopi), J.D., Department of Alaska Native Studies and Rural Development, University of Alaska/Fairbanks. Registration information is available online.

Criminal Connections: Child Pornography and Child Sexual Abuse: March 9–10, 2021

During this training offered by the National Criminal Justice Training Center, participants will learn about the additional trauma that child victims experience when child pornography is involved in sexual abuse cases. The training, to be held virtually, will explore investigative strategies that address the relationship between child sexual abuse and child pornography to supplement an investigation and corroborate victim statements. Registration information is available online.


Date Created: December 21, 2020