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OJJDP News @ a Glance

This issue highlights program site visits by OJJDP Administrator Liz Ryan, virtual reality tools connecting incarcerated parents with their kids, OJJDP’s support of programs designed for girls, and one young person’s plans to reach the White House.
Message From the Administrator: Justice-Involved Youth Face Unexpected, Damaging Outcomes
OJJDP Administrator Liz Ryan - News @ a Glance

Upcoming Events

Child Homicide Investigations: September 18–19, 2023

National Criminal Justice Training Center logo

This National Criminal Justice Training Center training, to be held in Westminster, MD, will emphasize relationship building between forensic pathologists, homicide investigators, and prosecutors to successfully investigate and prosecute child homicide cases. Topics include interview and interrogation techniques, the urgency of determining the cause and manner of death, autopsy protocols, forensic essentials, and how to develop a suspect pool. The training will also take place November 6–7, 2023, in Marana, AZ. Registration information is available online.

Child Abduction Response Team (CART) Training: September 19–21, 2023

The National Criminal Justice Training Center will conduct this no-cost training in Logan, UT. Course instructors will teach participants how to develop and implement a multidisciplinary Child Abduction Response Team that can respond effectively in cases involving children who are endangered, missing, or abducted. Topics to be addressed include the impact of child abduction on the family; considerations for incident command; search and canvassing operations; and resources to improve response, investigation, search, and canvass activities. Registration information is available online.

What Are They Running From? Youth Trauma and Addressing Adverse Childhood Experiences: September 25–26, 2023

This virtual, instructor-led training hosted by the National Criminal Justice Training Center will address the reasons young people run away and dangers they may encounter. Attendees will discuss how to approach youth during traumatic events, strategies to interrupt chronic runaway behavior, and a tool for assessing and documenting youth behaviors and options for intervention. The training will also take place December 4–5, 2023. Registration information is available online.

Improving Youth Interactions Through Fair and Impartial Justice: October 23–24, 2023

The National Criminal Justice Training Center will lead this classroom training in Beaumont, TX. Designed for professionals in law enforcement, juvenile justice, and community-based organizations, the course aims to help improve procedural justice efforts in juvenile justice systems. The curriculum will emphasize the use of evidence-based principles to foster strong community relationships, enhance interactions with youth, and create effective interventions to divert young people from the juvenile justice system. Registration information is available online.

Forensic Interviewing of Children Training: October 23–26, 2023

National Children’s Advocacy Center logo

The National Children’s Advocacy Center will offer an in-person training in Huntsville, AL, for professionals who conduct forensic interviews of children. Presenters will introduce evidence-based literature supporting the National Children’s Advocacy Center’s structure for such interviews. Other topics include the dynamics of abuse, child development, memory and suggestibility, forensic conversations, preinterview planning, and courtroom testimony. Participants are expected to complete 6 hours of prework prior to the first day of training. Registration information is available onlineThe training will be offered again November 6–9 (in person) and December 4–7 (virtually).

Date Created: June 21, 2023