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OJJDP News @ a Glance

This issue covers the 25th anniversary of AMBER Alert, National Mentoring Month, fiscal year 2021 funding opportunities, a beneficiary of a mentoring program, instructor training for an anti-gang program, and news from the Federal Advisory Committee.
Message From the Acting Administrator
Acting OJJDP Administrator Chyrl Jones

Upcoming Events

Are Today’s Registered Juveniles Tomorrow’s Adult Sex Offenders? Information Sex Offender Registry and Supervision Professionals Need To Know: March 17, 2021

National Criminal Justice Training Center logo

The Adam Walsh Act of 2006 includes a requirement to register juveniles who have been adjudicated for a sexual offense for the first time. Hosted by the National Criminal Justice Training Center, this webinar will discuss the requirement and changes that have been made through the Department of Justice’s Supplemental Guidelines. Participants will learn about key differences between juveniles and adults who commit sexual offenses—including characteristics, potential to recidivate, and responsiveness to treatment—that will help them make critical decisions about how to implement the requirement. Registration information is available online.

National Conference on Juvenile Justice: March 21– 24, 2021

National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges logo

This conference, sponsored by the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges, will offer an in-person and virtual educational opportunity for judges, probation officers, detention facility employees, and other stakeholders in the juvenile justice system. The conference will explore gaps in services, new and improved practices, and cutting-edge research. Topics to be covered include alternatives to detention, trauma-informed justice, crossover youth, the domestic sex trafficking of minors, racial and ethnic disparities, school pathways to the justice system, child development, and juvenile and family drug treatment courts. The event will be held in Dallas, TX. Registration information is available online.

International Symposium on Child Abuse: March 22–25, 2021

National Children’s Advocacy Center logo

Hosted by the National Children’s Advocacy Center, this virtual symposium will provide expert training along with networking opportunities to professionals in the child maltreatment field.

The event offers tracks on a range of topics, including child protective services, forensic interviewing, human trafficking/sexual exploitation, law enforcement, victim advocacy, and prevention. Registration information is available online.

National Summit on Youth Homelessness: The Intersection of Policy and Practice: March 24–25, 2021

National Network for Youth logo

Hosted by the National Network for Youth, this virtual event will convene youth, community service providers, researchers, and policy experts to share their experiences and perspectives on creating systemic change to prevent and end youth homelessness. The summit will also feature a federal agency roundtable, during which representatives from six agencies will discuss national initiatives to prevent and respond to youth and young adult homelessness. The discussion will produce at least one commitment for the coming year from each participating agency to support young people experiencing homelessness. Registration information is available online.

39th Annual National Indian Child Welfare Protecting Our Children Conference: April 11–14, 2021

National Indian Child Welfare Association logo

This virtual conference, hosted by the National Indian Child Welfare Association, features experts—including federal officials and youth who have experience with child-serving systems—who will address a variety of issues related to Tribal child welfare and well-being. Topics include child welfare, foster care, and adoption services; children’s mental health; connectedness; judicial and legal affairs; and youth and family involvement. Participants include professionals, elders, students, youth, and others who are committed to Tribal child welfare, advocacy for Native children, and protecting the well-being of Native families across the United States and Canada. An agenda and registration information are available online.


Date Created: February 18, 2021