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OJJDP News @ a Glance

This issue covers the 25th anniversary of AMBER Alert, National Mentoring Month, fiscal year 2021 funding opportunities, a beneficiary of a mentoring program, instructor training for an anti-gang program, and news from the Federal Advisory Committee.
Message From the Acting Administrator
Acting OJJDP Administrator Chyrl Jones

Staff Spotlight: Program Analyst Anita Butler

Photo of Program Analyst Anita Butler
Program Analyst Anita Butler

Anita Butler is a Program Analyst in OJJDP’s Budget Division. For the past 21 years, Anita has maintained OJJDP’s program budget, keeping track of funds for approved projects—such as awards to grantees, contracts, and agreements with other federal agencies—and other program costs.

Anita manages a complex budget of more than $300 million, which includes 20 or more separate funding lines, each with its own rules and limitations for expending funds.

She collaborates with other Budget Division staff and OJJDP program managers to prepare a preliminary spending plan for the upcoming fiscal year, and works with leadership and program managers throughout the year to ensure projects are executed according to the approved spending plan.

“Anita is one of OJJDP’s most valuable resources. Her ever-vigilant focus on our budget ensures expenditures for each program remain on track and within the law. Her deep knowledge of the Office’s program budget and sharp analytical skills are critical to ensure OJJDP runs smoothly year in year out.”

—Chyrl Jones, Acting OJJDP Administrator

Managing OJJDP’s program budget is a complex process. The budget consists of funds allocated from various funding streams, including prior-year funds, money transferred from other federal agencies, and direct congressional appropriations. In 2011, Anita received the Office of Justice Programs’ (OJP’s) Assistant Attorney General’s Award for her mastery of one of the most challenging budgets in OJP and her ability to troubleshoot any budget issue that arises.

In addition to analyzing, monitoring, and managing OJJDP’s annual program budget, Anita helps coordinate the execution of inter- and intra-agency agreements, works with the Office of the Inspector General and OJP’s Office of the Chief Financial Officer to resolve budgetary matters, and responds to requests for information about OJJDP’s budget and funding streams.

Anita has 38 years of federal service. Prior to joining OJJDP, she worked at the U.S. Postal Service, Treasury Department, Peace Corps, National Labor Relations Board, and the Corporation for National and Community Service. Anita holds a bachelor of business administration degree in accounting from Howard University.

Date Created: February 18, 2021