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OJJDP News @ a Glance April 2024

From the Field: Child Abuse Library Online—CALiO—Turns 20

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CALiO, the Child Abuse Library Online, is an extensive digital library curated for professionals working to address and prevent child abuse. Launched by the National Children’s Advocacy Center in 2004, CALiO resources range from how-to guides to research literature and databases, and are intended to promote the use of evidence-based practices and informed decisionmaking.

Although access to some CALiO resources is restricted to the staff and multidisciplinary teams at children’s advocacy centers (which coordinate the investigation and prosecution of child abuse cases and the treatment of child victims), most are openly accessible via the “CALiO Collections.” Materials address a wide variety of topics, including statistical data; the ways substance misuse, vicarious trauma, and polyvictimization impact children; community-based services for mistreated children and their families; and telehealth and online mental health services. Available resources include:

  • Best practices and guidelines for developing local protocols.
  • Fact sheets, videos, articles, and reports. 
  • Research briefs and a bibliography series listing research literature.
  • Links to webinars and online training.

OJJDP has supported CALiO since 2006. In fiscal year 2023, OJJDP awarded $3 million to the National Children’s Advocacy Center to support training and technical assistance for professionals working to prevent child abuse. The award includes support for CALiO.

Date Created: March 6, 2024