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OJJDP Supports Second Chances and First Opportunities 

Everyone Deserves A Second Chance

Firsts are milestones to be celebrated—but seconds can also be noteworthy. For many young people involved in the juvenile justice system, the second chance they are given following release may well be their first real opportunity to succeed. 

In this month's blog, OJJDP Administrator Liz Ryan reflects on the importance of Second Chance Month for system-involved youth.

When youth become involved with the juvenile justice system, they typically face repercussions beyond the immediate consequences. They are often deprived of educational opportunities, job training, and mental and physical health services while in custody. A juvenile record can adversely affect a young person's ability to secure housing, get a job, or serve in the military. OJJDP is working to ensure system-involved youth have the best chances for success when they return to their communities. 

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Date Published: April 27, 2023