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OJJDP Releases Tribal Consultation Response Report

OJJDP Tribal Consultation Response report, July 2021

OJJDP has released the "OJJDP Tribal Consultation Response." The report summarizes and responds to issues discussed at OJJDP's June 2020 Tribal consultation with 288 Tribal leaders and representatives. The consultation sought feedback on how OJJDP can assist Tribes in implementing provisions of the Juvenile Justice Reform Act (JJRA) and increase Tribes' access to juvenile justice funding.
"We convened the Tribal consultation to ensure that we tailor OJJDP's work with Tribal youth in ways that respect American Indian and Alaska Native culture and values,” said OJJDP Acting Administrator Chyrl Jones. "OJJDP will continue to listen and act in accordance with the wisdom and expertise of Tribal nations." 

The report highlights a series of action steps that OJJDP will take to respond to the concerns raised by Tribal representatives during the consultation and in subsequent written comments. The report notes how OJJDP plans to foster ongoing dialogue with American Indian and Alaska Native Tribes to support Tribal communities' work with their youth. 



Date Published: August 4, 2021