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OJJDP Launches Opioid Affected Youth Initiative Website

Opioid Affected Youth Initiative

OJJDP recently launched the Opioid Affected Youth Initiative (OAYI) website. OAYI helps nationwide project sites to develop data-driven and coordinated responses to opioid abuse and other substance use disorders affecting youth, families, and communities.

The website highlights OJJDP-funded OAYI grantees and serves as a central hub to share and document the impact of implemented strategies designed to combat the opioid epidemic.

Information featured on the website includes:

  • OAYI goals, objectives, and strategies  
  • Profiles of grantee project sites  
  • Highlights of grantee activities and outcomes  

The website also features data visualization that allows users to interact with charts, graphs, and maps.


Date Published: August 2, 2021