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Office of Justice Programs Awards More Than $143.7 Million in Child Protection Grants

Today, the Department of Justice's Office of Justice Programs announced awards of more than $143.7 million in child protection grants. The awards will enhance state, local and tribal jurisdictions' capabilities to protect children and respond to juvenile victimization. OJJDP and the Office for Victims of Crime awarded grants to more than 120 sites, jurisdictions, and task forces nationwide. The funds will help communities find missing children, support law enforcement investigations, and increase overall public safety through prosecution of those who seek to abuse or exploit children.

The grants include:

  • More than $48.2 million to support missing and exploited children programs and services.
  • A total of $36.1 million to help combat and prevent Internet crimes against children.
  • Nearly $30 million to fund services for child and youth victims of human trafficking.
  • More than $22 million to fund multidisciplinary efforts to improve the community response to child abuse.
  • A total of $7.1 million to help communities address youth violence and victimization through a comprehensive school-based approach.

OJJDP also awarded $300,000 to provide culturally relevant training and technical assistance to support Alaska Native youth.


  • For additional information about these awards, see the Office of Justice Programs' fact sheet
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Date Published: December 10, 2019