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NIJ Fact Sheet Addresses the Prevention of Mass Shootings in Schools

Five Facts About Mass Shootings in K-12

The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) has released "Five Facts About Mass Shootings in K–12 Schools," a fact sheet highlighting research on mass shootings in school settings and ways to detect, prevent, and respond to them. 

The five facts are:

  • Most people who commit a mass shooting are in crisis leading up to it and are likely to leak their plans to others, presenting opportunities for intervention.
  • Everyone can help prevent school mass shootings.
  • Threat assessment is a promising prevention strategy to assess and respond to mass shooting threats, as well as other threats of violence by students.
  • Individuals who commit a school shooting are most likely to obtain a weapon by theft from a family member, indicating a need for more secure firearm storage practices.
  • The overwhelming majority of individuals who commit K–12 mass shootings struggle with various aspects of mental well-being.   


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Date Published: August 25, 2022