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February is National Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month

Teen Dating Violence Awareness & Prevention Month
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President Biden  proclaimed  February as National Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month. 

Teen dating violence can include physical or sexual assault, stalking, coercive and controlling behavior, emotional abuse, harassment, and exploitation. Teen dating violence occurs in person, online, or through technology. There can be long-lasting effects from teen dating violence, including future victimization. These effects are compounded for girls and young women of color. 

In his proclamation, the President highlighted  new resources and programs for communities to prevent and address teen dating violence. The President also cited  Title  IX protections for students based on gender identity and sexual orientation to support transgender students who experience higher rates of violence.

OJJDP provides research and resources to identify and prevent teen dating violence, including OJJDP's teen dating violence literature review. In addition, OJJDP's Statistical Briefing Book includes a data snapshot on the trends and characteristics of teen dating violence.

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Date Published: February 11, 2022