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Department of Justice Awards More Than $49 Million To Combat Human Trafficking

​On September 29, 2016, the Department of Justice (DOJ) awarded more than $49 million in grants to state, local, and tribal jurisdictions, law enforcement agencies, and victim service providers to combat human trafficking nationwide. The grants will provide services for human trafficking victims, support task forces that investigate and prosecute human trafficking cases, assist child victims of sex trafficking, and support research and develop best practices to prevent and respond to such crimes.

The grants include:
  • A total of $15.8 million to 22 law enforcement agencies and victim service providers to operate task forces and provide services to trafficking victims.
  • More than $20 million to 34 victim service providers, including developmentally-appropriate and trauma-informed services.
  • A total of $4.75 million to two states to improve outcomes for child and youth trafficking victims.
  • A total of $1.2 million to three organizations to increase services for urban American Indian and Alaska Native victims of sex trafficking.
  • More than $2.6 million to six nonprofit and faith-based organizations to provide mentoring to youth victimized by or at risk of domestic sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation.

In addition to OJJDP, the grants will be funded and administered by the Office of Justice Programs’ Office for Victims of Crime, Bureau of Justice Assistance, and National Institute of Justice, and DOJ’s Office on Violence Against Women.

Date Published: October 4, 2016