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OJJDP Video Message Highlights Restorative Justice

Caren Harp, OJJDP Administrator; Anne Seymour - Director, Fairness, Dignity and Respect for Crime Victims and Survivors Project; Travis Claybrooks - CEO and Founder Raphah Institute; Christina McMahan - Juvenile Department Director, Clackamas County, Oregon; Ram Tiwari - Director, Nepal Forum for Restorative Justice; Steven C. Teske - Chief Presiding Judge, Juvenile Court, Clayton County, Georgia; Sharletta Evans - Statewide Victim Coordinator, Victim and Offender Mitigation Initiative

In this video, OJJDP Administrator Caren Harp and members of OJJDP’s Restorative Justice Working Group share their perspectives on the value of restorative justice practices in the juvenile justice system. Restorative justice focuses on holding offenders personally accountable to their victims and to the community at large—often through face-to-face meetings and reparative actions such as financial restitution to victims, the repair of victims' damaged property, or work for the betterment of the community.

Date Created: October 23, 2019