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Enhancing Community Supervision through use of Evidence-based Practices: Preparing Supervision Staff to Advance Behavior Change

The risk/needs/responsivity model has been used in jurisdictions throughout the country for over two decades to assist youth in making long-term behavior changes and avoid recidivism. This webinar will review a variety of research-based tools community supervision agencies have adopted over the past years – including the use of a risk and needs assessment, motivational interviewing, cognitive intervention practices, case management, and graduated responses – and help participants shift to seeing themselves as coaches of behavior change rather than simply monitors of compliance.

This interactive workshop held on April 11, 2023 explored how community supervision practitioners can obtain skills to improve client-staff interactions and use evidence-based tools such as case plans and cognitive behavioral interventions to effectively coach youth towards long-term behavior change. Participants left this session with the tools to create a plan to implement a similar structure.


  • Jasmine Jackson, Youth Justice Manager, Crime and Justice Institute
  • Valerie Meade, Deputy Director, Crime and Justice Institute


  • Ransom Washington, Program Manager with the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention
Date Published: June 20, 2023