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Supporting Family Members of LGBTQ2S+ Young People

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This document provides advice for professionals in the juvenile justice system who may meet distressed family members or those who describe family conflict, about their child’s LGBTQ2S+ identity; it discusses steps such as building a rapport, asking questions, listening for cues, encouraging support, offering support, showing love, and lists some helpful resources for more information.


This document is geared toward juvenile justice providers with the goal of helping create an environment that is inclusive, respectful, and supportive of parents and family members of LGBTQ2S+ youth in the juvenile justice system. It aims to specifically advise justice professionals to be prepared for when they come into contact with family members who are distressed or describing conflict about their child’s LGBTQ2S+ identity, and provides information and advice on how to adequately support families through discussions about their experiences, concerns, and questions. The document encourages providing non-judgmental spaces for families to seek support and a listening ear, while also offering them resources that will promote their learning and understanding of how to affirm their LGBTQ2S+ child.

Date Published: January 1, 2023