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Safe Start Initiative: Demonstration Project, Process Evaluation Report II, Report 2006 - 3

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November 2007
82 pages
This is a report on the process evaluation of the Safe Start Demonstration Project, which involved a cross-site analysis of the main themes that emerged during demonstration-site visits conducted in 2005.
The Safe Start Demonstration Project involved 11 sites in diverse communities throughout the Nation. The intent of the project is to demonstrate ways to prevent and reduce the impact of family and community violence on children 6 years old and younger. The process evaluation focused on how the project is being implemented across sites. Overall, the evaluation shows that the demonstration sites approached service delivery in a family-centered, child-focused manner. This involved five achievements. First, the sites developed mechanisms for systemic and more systematic identification of young children exposed to violence. Second, they created comprehensive systems of care for children exposed to violence, engaging multiple disciplines in this effort. Third, the sites established responsive systems of care by implementing policies and practices for responding to children exposed to violence. Fourth, the sites demonstrated collaboration among organizations with different philosophies, histories, cultures, and staff training relevant to issues related to children exposed to violence. Fifth, they advocated for the development of State-level changes in identifying and serving young children exposed to violence in their families and communities. Recommendations based on the process evaluation are outlined for funders, practitioners, researchers, and public policy makers. 16 references

Date Published: November 1, 2007