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Safe Start Initiative: Demonstration Project, Phase I Case Studies III (2006), Report #2007-1

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Date Published
November 2007
79 pages
These are the final case studies of the seven continuing sites of the Safe Start Demonstration Project, which covers the project's first 6 years (2000-2006) of efforts to prevent and reduce the adverse effects of violence on children exposed to it in their families and communities.
The seven sites for which case studies are provided are Bridgeport, CT; Chicago, Il; Pinellas County, FL; Pueblo of Zuni, NM; Sitka, AK; Sanfrancisco, CA; and Rochester, NY. Under the Safe Start project model, it was expected that practitioners from multiple sectors would form partnerships to improve local service delivery systems for young children exposed to violence or at high risk of such exposure. Each grantee was expected to improve upon existing service delivery systems by making them more comprehensive and responsive. Grantees were also expected to provide children and families with services and interventions that are research-based, appropriate for young children exposed to family and community violence, and capable of meeting multiple needs of children and families. It was also expected the grantees would provide a continuum of care that includes early identification, treatment, referrals, and follow-up. The case study for each of the seven sites provides an overview of its sytem of care for children exposed to violence targeting, a review of challenges and needed improvement to the system of care for children exposed to violence, and a summary of accomplishments. Exhibits and references accompany each case study.

Date Published: November 1, 2007