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Safe Start Initiative: Demonstration Project, Phase I Case Studies II (2000 - 2005), Report #2006-2

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Date Published
June 2006
296 pages
This report presents case studies of each of the 11 sites of the Safe Start Demonstration Project, with attention to the progress achieved and challenges faced in the early years of implementation (2000-2005) in various key areas important for improving the identification of and services to children exposed to violence and their families.
The 11 demonstration sites are Baltimore City, MD; Bridgeport, CT; Chatham County, NC; Chicago, IL; Pinellas County, FL; Pueblo of Zuni, NM; Washington County, ME; Spokane, WA; Sitka, AK; San Francisco, CA; and Rochester, NY. Each of these sites is profiled using the following format: contextual conditions; community capacity; integrated assistance; local agency and community engagement and collaboration; system change activities; institutionalization of change; increased community support; and lessons learned in the implementation and evaluation of Safe Start activities. The overall goal of the Safe Start Demonstration Project is to expand existing partnerships among service providers in key areas such as early childhood education/development, health, mental health, child welfare, family support, substance abuse prevention/intervention, domestic violence/crisis intervention, law enforcement, courts, and legal services. Each demonstration site was expected to create a comprehensive service delivery system to meet the needs of children and their families at any point of entry in the system of care. Progress made and challenges faced in these areas are the focus of each of the case studies.

Date Published: June 1, 2006