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Research Insight for Practitioners, Issue 3, May 2023

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Date Published
May 2023
13 pages

This edition of the National Mentoring Research Center e-Newsletter is one of the special issues planned for quarterly release, focusing on mentoring research, the work of the NMRC Research Board, and emerging knowledge that can help with the planning and implementation of more effective mentoring services for youth.


This special edition of National Mentoring Research Center (NMRC) e-Newsletter features reflections from Dr. Michelle Kaufman on her team’s work to understand mentor-mentee conversations and their potential to help prevent youth substance use; summarizes new research articles produced by the members of the NMRC Research Board and other scholars; and offers information about the new season of the Reflections on Research podcast, and shares a question-and-answer from the “Office Hours” session with NMRC Research Board Member, Dr. Amy Anderson, about Youth Participatory Action Research. The quarterly special issues also answer questions from the field about mentoring research, including research-based insights about mentoring or issues of mentor program design or evaluation. Sections include featured article summaries with links to full reports; news of new mentoring research; and recent Research Board publications and tools, with links.

Date Published: May 1, 2023