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Reducing Youth Violence: A Comprehensive Approach-Multimedia CD-ROM Installation and Help Manual, Version 2.0

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Date Published
September 1999
0 pages
This multimedia CD-ROM presents a range of strategies for reducing youth violence through improving the juvenile justice system; reducing gang, gun, and drug violence; providing opportunities for youth; strengthening families; and mobilizing families.
Together, these strategies offer a comprehensive approach. For each strategy, thousands of pages offer useful information on youth violence prevention and juvenile delinquency prevention. The materials include (1) information derived from illustrative operational programs; (2) current data and information about research and evaluation; and (3) contacts for additional resources, training, and technical assistance. Users can obtain the information on the CD-ROM through searches by types of programs, documents, resources, and services. Users can download text and graphics and use them as templates for their own efforts to reduce youth violence and victimization in their communities. The minimum system requirements for using the CD-ROM include (1) Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows NT; (2) a sound card; (3) 16-bit color graphics; (4) 16x speed CD-ROM (32x recommended); and (5) 32MB RAM (64 MB recommended).

Date Published: September 1, 1999