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Plan a Special Event

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July 1999
8 pages
Publication Series
Special events can be planned and implemented to address a variety of problems, including gang activity, drug-related behavior, and general crime prevention in schools and communities, and guidelines on how to plan these events are offered.
The first step in planning a special event is to employ a team approach to recruit people who are skilled in the various logistical tasks involved. Next steps include lining up resources, acting on plans, and monitoring and evaluation. An effective special event requires dedicated leadership and committed volunteers. Specific procedures to guide special event planning and implementation are outlined before the event, 8-12 weeks before the event, 1 week before the event, 1 day before the event, and after the event. Guidance is also offered on invitations and the establishment of special event committees (hospitality, awards and prizes, entertainment, publicity, exhibits and information, food, and decorations). Challenges that may be faced in organizing a special event are noted, as well as rewards and ways in which a special event can be evaluated.

Date Published: July 1, 1999