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Patrol First Responder Checklist

NCJ Number
Date Published
February 2020
17 pages
This report provides information for first-responder police patrol officers intended to promote their accurate and effective response to calls that involve endangered missing or abducted children.
The introduction to the checklist advises that it is a resource to guide the process of a missing-child incident and is not meant to replace or supersede any local, state, or federal policies or procedures for a jurisdiction. The checklist is intended for download to a personal device of each patrol officer for immediate access when responding to cases of missing and abducted children. The checklist guides patrol officers in developing a comprehensive and accurate report that will facilitate an efficient and effective response by investigators who will manage the case. The checklist consists of 27 steps. Since the checklist is intended for download to patrol officers' personal devices, separate instructions are provided for download to android devices and Apple devices.

Date Published: February 1, 2020