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OJJDP News @ a Glance, November/December 2009

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November 2009
14 pages
Publication Series
This November/December 2009 OJJDP News @ A Glance summarizes recent activities, themes, and actions by the U.S. Justice Department's (DOJ's) Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP).
The opening segment of this newsletter describes the DOJ's efforts in giving high priority to reentry programs for both juvenile and adult offenders reentering communities after release from residential facilities. For juveniles this means giving high priority to education services, meaningful employment, family support, mental health services, and substance abuse treatment. A brief review is provided of OJJDP's commitment to reentry issues for more than two decades. The newsletter's second segment summarizes a DOJ-sponsored meeting between DOJ officials and 382 representatives of federally recognized American Indian and Alaska Native tribes (October 28-29, 2009). Tribal leaders and senior DOJ officials discussed the serious crime and public safety challenges in Indian country, and they collaborated on long-term solutions to these problems. Related Federal actions announced at the meeting are listed. Other recent DOJ and OJJDP actions and events reported in this newsletter are the confirmation of Laurie Robinson as Assistant Attorney General in DOJ's Office of Justice Programs, which encompasses OJJDP; the participation of former OJJDP administrators in a historic forum that discussed their tenures, key issues in the juvenile justice field, and OJJDP's future; and the activities of a workshop on resources needed to evaluate gender-responsive delinquency prevention and intervention programs for girls. Other sections of the newsletter report on OJJDP's National Training and Technical Assistance Center, the Coordinating Council on Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, and the Federal Advisory Committee on Juvenile Justice. Remaining sections describe new OJJDP publications and report "News in Brief."

Date Published: November 1, 2009