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NRCSS (National Resource Center for Safe Schools) School Safety CD-ROM

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Date Published
January 2001
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This CD-ROM aims to inform educators and administrators about school safety and locate school safety resources in their State and community; the CD-ROM provides full-text versions of publications covering topics that include bullying, conflict resolution, social skills training, and violence prevention.
The CD-ROM is intended for use with computers with the Windows operating system and has four main sections. Users can search the sections by keywords or by general topic areas listed in each section overview. The introduction to the CD-ROM notes that school violence has declined over the past few years, but students and teachers continue to report feeling unsafe at school. Therefore, students and staff need to work together to reverse this trend and make schools a place where students can learn without fearing for their safety. The publications section of the CD-ROM presents training materials, fact sheets, and information about model programs related to violence prevention and school safety. The database on promising practices provides materials on administrative approaches, alternative education, community involvement, school-based strategies, counseling, school security, and schoolwide education in violence prevention. The section titled Checklists presents 7 publications that range in length from a single page to 74 pages and focus on topics such as a youth survey instrument on perceptions of safety and bullying and a safe schools facilities planner. The section titled Yellow Pages gives a State-by-State directory of programs and resources related to school safety and violence prevention. Contact information for each program and publication

Date Published: January 1, 2001