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Normative Expectations of the Integrated JDC/RF Drug Court Logic Model

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Date Published
June 2014
2 pages
This presentation outlines the normative expectations for juvenile drug court programs (JDCs) that integrate the system approach of the Reclaiming Futures (RF) initiative in delivering drug court services and resources.
The expectations are presented under the following topic categories: problems and sub-problems to be addressed; goals and objectives of the JDC; key activities for reaching goals and objectives; output measures; and outcome measures. The problem to be addressed is the management and treatment of youth with substance use disorders who have also engaged in criminal behavior. Sub-problems mentioned are mental conditions, trauma exposure, low self-esteem, and educational and social skills deficits. Among the goals of the JDC/RF integrated logic model are improvement in the capacity of the drug court to increase youth and family positive functioning, including improvement in support systems for youth with substance abuse disorders. Among the JDC/RF activities listed are community engagement and collaborative partnerships, judicial leadership aligned with JDC and RF concepts, defined eligibility criteria for a juvenile's participation, comprehensive screening and ongoing assessment, and individualized evidence-based services matched to the risk/needs assessment. Output measures pertain to program performance in creating a qualified and well-trained staff, expanding partnerships with community organizations, and expanding the percentage of eligible justice-involved juvenile substance abusers served. Outcome measures pertain to data that indicate whether or not a program is achieving its objectives, such as increasing the percentage of youth who complete the program, enabling youth participants to be drug-free and crime-free during the program and after completion, and indications that program-involved youth are improving their educational and/or job performance.

Date Published: June 1, 2014