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National Gang Center Outreach Worker Safety Tips

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September 2016
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Safety tips are provided for outreach workers who interact with gang members in high-risk neighborhoods.
Seventeen brief safety tips are offered. They include informing your supervisor or coworkers of your schedule, location, and names of clients; ensuring your phone is charged at all times; dress casually without any gang colors; stay informed on recent violence in the community and have a coworker with you when working in high-risk areas of a neighborhood; be aware of your surroundings and avoid areas with unusual activities; lock up items with personal or client information when leaving your vehicle; stand to the side of a client's front door when knocking or ringing the bell; determine whether the client is alone; do not attempt to mediate in domestic quarrels; do not share personal information or issues with youth; maintain professional boundaries with clients; do not discuss one client with another client; use de-escalation techniques in managing conflict; and introduce yourself to community residents and clarify your job as an outreach worker.

Date Published: September 1, 2016