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Juvenile Justice Journal, Volume VI, Number 2 (Juvenile Court Issue)

NCJ Number
Juvenile Justice Volume: 6 Issue: 2 Dated: December 1999 Pages: 1-34
Date Published
December 1999
40 pages
Publication Series
This issue of “Juvenile Justice” commemorates the centennial anniversary of the juvenile court and its diverse and distinquished accomplishments.
In an interview, Judge J. Dean Lewis reminds us that the first juvenile court was established with the belief that youth are everyone’s responsibility. Courts need to become partners to ensure that the court has the resources necessary to deal effectively with the problems of youth and their families. A second article summarizes the impressive history on the juvenile court and its fundamental focus that continues to remain on the individual youth who stands before it. A third article focuses on the juvenile court’s future potential to be the most effective prevention tool in the juvenile justice system. Judges need to take the lead in revitalizing and professionalizing America’s juvenile courts. The section entitled, “In Brief” contains additional publication summaries and resources related to youth and courts.

Date Published: December 1, 1999